The lighting department at Moscow & Pullman Building Supply continues to grow and expand.  Whether you are replacing an outdated light fixture or completely remodeling your home’s interior and exterior lighting fixtures, we have solutions for you.

Looking for a complete home lighting makeover?  Make an appointment with Sherry in Pullman, or Nate in Moscow.  They will assess your home’s needs, and help you find the lighting package that fits.

  • Are you a professional contractor?
    We offer quotes for new residential and commercial properties.  We carry the largest selection of light bulbs and lighting packages in the quad-cities.
  • What’s new in the Industry?
    Manufacturers are expanding their lines of CFL, fluorescent, and LED bulbs to meet the new government standards. Consequently, there are a lot more options for consumers, and we the largest selection of CFL, fluorescent, and LED bulbs on the Palouse.
  • Do you have a lamp in need of repair?
    We carry everything you need to repair an old or broken lamp, ask an associate today.